RE Carbonatite Ring Complex

Project Overview

EL0731, Area: 91.5km2

The Tundulu Project is a known carbonatite ring complex with abundant REE mineralisation. A prospecting licence application has been approved for the 91.5km2 area.

Tundulu is formed of several hills in a ring around a central vent called Nathace Hill where the majority of the historic surface sampling and drilling was undertaken. The predominate geology at Nathace Hill is REE apatite, REE carbonatites and feldspathic breccia, and comprises a large inner agglomerate vent. Mineral rich carbonatite also occurs at Tundulu Hill east of Nathace and Makhanga Hill west of Nathace and is previously unexplored and prospective for REEs.

A drilling campaign conducted is 2014 includes 7,000m of drilling (55 holes).
Results confirm Tundulu’s potential as a significant REE project enriched in REE-mineralised carbonatites.

Exceptional high-grade intercepts include:

  • 101m @ 1.02% TREO, 3.6% P2O5 from surface (TU030)
  • 91m @ 1.09% TREO, 7.6% P2O5 from 46m (TU026)
  • 85m @ 1.04% TREO, 2.0% P2O5 from 22m (TU025)
  • 109m @ 1.06% TREO, 3.7% P2O5 from 53m (TU035)
  • 100m @ 1.09% TREO, 12.6% P2O5 from 30m (TU042)
  • 97m @ 1.35% TREO, 14.4% P2O5 from surface (TU050)
  • 125m @ 0.82% TREO, 2.3% P2O5 from 54m (TU078)
  • 95m @ 1.21% TREO, 0.92% P2O5 from 25m (TU110)
  • 87m @ 1.19% TREO, 0.43% P2O5 from 5m (TU071), including 15m @ 3.46% TREO from 73m
  • 74m @ 1.55% TREO, 4.4% P2O5 from 72m (TU043), including 11m @ 2.56% TREO from 84m
  • 31m @ 2.27% TREO, 0.64% P2O5 from 41m (TU048)
  • 30m @ 4.03% TREO, 0.35% P2O5 from surface (TU014)

Drilling averaged 127m drill depth, with multiple holes ending in mineralisation (TU105B, TU110, TU094, TU087, TU073).

REE mineralisation remains open towards southern and western directions of Nathace Hill and potentially extends beyond the boundaries of the previously established mineralised area over Tundulu Hill.

Results of recent reconnaissance sampling program align with historical data with visual observation of multiple carbonatite outcrops across the Tundulu project area.


Tundulu Project Location Map and Historical Drill Hole locations over Nathace Hill

Tundulu formed of several hills in a ring around the central Nathace Hill

Schematic Drill Section on 8280115mN +/-15m.

TSignificant TREO results at Nathace Hill

Tundulu Hill geological setting enriched with carbonatite outcrops and Nathace Hill in the background

Tundulu Hill (left) and Nathace Hill (right)