REE & Nb

Project Overview

   Granted EL, Area: 24.9km2

The Salambidwe Project is also located within the Chilwa Alkaline Province of southern Malawi, straddling the Mozambique border. The rocks of the Project area are characterised by the Salambidwe Ring Complex which comprises suite dominate by syenites and nepheline-syenites with a core of agglomeratic rocks. The Salambidwe Ring Complex forms part of the Chilwa Alkaline Suite which also hosts notable deposits such as the Kangankunde, Songwe and Tundulu carbonate deposits.

The Riebeckite Syenite units are associated with high radiometric values indicative of elevated levels of thorium and uranium, which are generally associated with REE mineral occurrences in similar geological settings elsewhere.


  • Virgin rare earth prospect with limited previous drilling
  • Previous rock chips results returned numerous 1%+ results, including: 2.05% TREO inc. 214ppm Dy2O3 and 7,923ppm (0.79%) Nb
  • The Salambidwe Ring Complex forms part of the Chilwa Alkaline Suite of southern Malawi that also hosts the Kangankunde Deposit, Machinga REE Project and numerous other REE prospects
  • The complex is approximately six kilometres in diameter (approximately 85% occurs within the licence) and is dominated by syenite and nepheline syenite with a core of agglomeratic rocks
  • These alkaline rock suites are known hosts to a variety of different economic commodities including copper, iron, titanium, niobium, thorium, uranium, REEs, barium, fluorine, phosphorous and other rare or incompatible elements



Salambidwe Regional Targets